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Gerald M. Walsh, PH.D.

Of Counsel

Jerry joined the firm in 2004 after practicing patent law since 1992 as a sole practitioner and for four years in a regional law firm. Jerry has experience in patent application and prosecution, representing inventors before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Jerry has been a scientist and teacher in academia, and a research investigator in the pharmaceutical industry, having published over 50 research papers in peer-reviewed medical journals, and having obtained seven pharmaceutical patents. He has also held executive level positions in pharmaceutical companies.

Assisting inventors at NASA, Jerry has helped get patents on salt and water solutions that greatly improve antifriction properties of lubricants. He has also helped inventors get patents on machines that convert ocean waves into electricity, underwater diamond saws, antijacknife systems for backing trailers, programmable boat lifts, battery-operated riding rotary lawn mowers, rotatable remote controlled porch lights, whirling streamer snake toys, irrigation and drainage urinary catheters, feeding duck decoys, herbicide compositions, valves for nuclear reactors, game feeders, methods for transporting spacecraft into outer space, teeth whitening devices, and more.

As a registered patent attorney with a background in the life sciences and chemistry, Jerry’s patent practice focuses on helping inventors obtain patents on mechanical, electromechanical, medical, biotechnology, and chemical inventions. Jerry wanted to become an attorney because he wanted to help people for as long as he lives. He enjoys helping people get patents for their inventions.


  • Chief Executive Officer for a biopharmaceutical company in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Member of Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Birmingham, Alabama.
“To live well is to work well, to show a good activity.” -IB. Saint Thomas Aquinas